• Jeonggwan Plant
    (46020) 2-9, Nonggong-gil, Jeonggwan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
  • Seochang Plant
    (50511) 50, Sojugongdan 3-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
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GREEN TECHNOLOGY We build a world where people live together in harmony with technologies which let the nature breathe.


The alphabet ‘S’ with a ring symbolizes ‘SUNGWOO HITECH’. In overall, dream, hope and image of future-oriented enterprise were symbolically expressed. Specifically, blue color represents hope and dream while a red ring symbolizes a leap towards a better future.


Corporate signatures are designed by a perfect combination of wordmark and emblem. The best combination can be chosen according to situations. In principle, all texts are reduced or enlarged by AI data.



  • #00a8ec c100

  • #0077be C100 + M40

  • #de0024 C100 + Y100

  • #dfa200 M40 + Y100 +K100

SUNGWOO HITECH's steps toward the future are relentless. With creative new technology, we will move toward a better tomorrow than today, a brighter future than a shining history. In addition, I promise that the creative new technology of SUNGWOO HITECH will contribute to the promotion of human happiness.

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