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Ethical Management


Ethics Charter

SUNGWOO HITECH is a professional automotive parts manufacturer. We have developed this national key industry (automobile industry) into a world-class level and are now responsible for taking the initiative for national economic growth in the 21st century. Hence, we hereby enact and declare this ‘Ethics Charter’ with a goal of setting our new business ethics and taking it as criteria for our conduct and value judgment.

  • Open and Transparent Management

    • We make a contribution to national economic development through dutiful tax payment, law-abiding behavior and establishment of ethical values.
    • We respect all ethical acts needed for settlement of transparent management and pursue public interests and order-oriented corporate citizenship.
  • Win-win Cooperation

    • We enhance our clients’ rights and interests with the best products and services and definitely fulfill a promise with our clients and vendors.
    • We establish sound and fair practices in transactions with our vendors and promote shared growth through win-win cooperation.
  • Information Security

    • We always keep any business and technical secrets we obtained during transaction with our clients and vendors confidential and never leak them without getting approval from our counterpart in advance.
    • We do NOT randomly distort or damage information on our clients and vendors and never distribute false facts.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    • We actively fulfill social contribution activities for continued job creation, development of local community and economic growth.
    • We respect executives and employees as independent individuals and build mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

Code of Practice

  • 01

    Open and Transparent Management

    • We shall NOT accept compensation in any form (e.g., cash, check, marketable securities, gift certificate, timeshare membership, flight ticket, etc.) from any interested party and vendor.
    • We shall NOT accept hospitality, special offers and entertainment under any circumstances.
    • We shall NOT engage in any gambling (e.g., golf, GoStop, poker, etc.) with a person from our vendor.
    • We have a meal with a person from our vendor at our cafeteria if possible. If we have to go out for such meal, meal expenses shall NOT exceed a reasonable amount.
    • We shall NOT make any unreasonable or inappropriate requirements (e.g., solicitation, pressure, personal favor, etc.) to our vendors.
  • 02

    Win-win Cooperation

    • We always fulfill our duties according to fair and legitimate procedures.
    • We shall not engage in any unfair or illegal acts by taking advantage of our dominant position.
    • We shall work hard and develop and operate a systematic assistance program to help our vendors become globally competitive.
    • We shall remain professional and polite in handling duties with our vendors.
    • We protect our clients’ rights and interests and definitely keep promise with them.
  • 03

    Environmental Management

    • We ensure that any materials detrimental to human health and environment would not be used or included during product development and production.
    • We shall NOT use or allow the use of legally or internationally banned materials (e.g., four heavy metals, etc.).
    • We shall keep working hard to comply with environmental standards set by our client.
    • We shall make our best efforts for the sustainable use of energy and resources and reduce pollutants throughout product development, production, sales, use and disposal.
    • We shall actively support environmental education for the management and employees and vendors’ environmental management activities.
  • 04

    Quality Management

    • We shall take the initiative in establishing a zero-defect parts production system to keep producing the best products.
    • We shall make our best efforts to provide perfect products which can ensure the best rating at global quality indexes (e.g., IQS, VDS, CR surveys, etc.).
    • We shall establish a system through which we can quickly understand our clients’ quality perception and take a necessary action to improve product quality in realtime.
    • In the event of an issue which can affect product quality due to changes in process engineers, facilities, materials and work procedures, we shall report it in accordance with the 4M regulations set by our client and prevent any defect in advance.
    • We shall be active in providing technical and quality assistances to our vendors for quality improvement.
  • 05

    Information Security

    • We shall not take advantage of the information we obtained during the fulfillment of our duties for personal benefits.
    • We shall not randomly leak any information from our company, clients and vendors to third parties.
    • We shall not randomly distort or damage information on our clients and vendors and never distribute false facts.
    • We shall reinforce control and security measures for the company’s information security.
    • We shall routinize information security (e.g., proper control of important data when leaving your seat, thorough disposal of important documents, etc.).
  • 06

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    • We shall dutifully fulfill our social duties with corporate citizenship.
    • We shall always make our best efforts to bring love and hope to poor neighbors and realize a sustainable society together with local communities.
    • We respect human dignity and right to happiness, observe the principles of gender equality and are against child and forced labor and sexual harassment.
    • We shall promptly respond to global social needs.


Our Determinations

  • We Concerning the fulfillment of our duties, we shall NOT accept compensation in any form (e.g., money, entertainment, etc.).
  • We always take honesty and fairness as our top priority.
  • We shall always engage in fair and legitimate transactions with our vendors.
  • We always work hard to protect natural environments.
  • We always treat our clients’ and vendors’ information seriously.
  • We always protect our clients’ rights and interests and definitely keep promise with them.
  • We always think and act from our clients’ perspective.
  • We always support and nurture vendors.
  • We always take the lead in quality improvement and technology innovation.
  • We are always active for social contribution and national development.