• Jeonggwan Plant
    (46020) 2-9, Nonggong-gil, Jeonggwan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
  • Seochang Plant
    (50511) 50, Sojugongdan 3-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
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About Company


Challenging and innovation aiming for ‘New Technology, New Product’ SUNGWOO HITECH is taking one step forward towards a better future.

Thanks for visiting our website. Since 1977, SUNGWOO HITECH has continuously devoted all its energy and efforts to the development of new technologies in spite of multiple external and internal troubles. We opened an R&D center for the first time in domestic automotive parts industry. Based on our R&D culture, we have been working hard to evolve into a future technology innovation leader in global automobile market. In this era where our imagination becomes reality, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is being realized through Smart Car, Green Car and Flying Car in automobile industry. We have established lightweighting technology, using new materials such as aluminum, CFRP, magnesium and giga steel. We are committed to maintain and develop the essence of automobiles and keep pursuing our innovation for new technologies such as battery system assembly (BSA), hydrogen storage apparatus, thermal imaging camera and LiDAR. For our contribution to the improvement of happiness for humankind through future cars, we expect continued support and encouragement from you all. Thank you.

Chairman of SUNGWOO HITECHLee Myung-geun회장 이명근 서명



  • Firm Name


  • Date Established

    1977. August. 15

  • Business Area Manufacture of Automotive Parts
  • No. of Employees


  • Penetrated into domestic and overseas markets

    SUNGWOO HITECH’s stage is the world. We challenge the world, going beyond the domestic territory.

    4corporations 15places
    Busan, Yangsan, Geoncheon, Daegu, Asan, Suwon (R&D Center), Seoul (Office)
    9corporations 19places
    China, India, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Russian, Uzbekistan, Mexico, the U.S.
  • Award
    • 2017

      Awarded the ‘US 500 Million Dollar Export Tower’

    • 2014

      Awarded the ‘Best Workplace Innovation’ (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

    • 2013

      Awarded the 2013 Supplier of the Year (Hyundai Motor)

    • 2012

      Received the Presidential Award for National Quality and Presidential Award for Management-labor Culture

    • 2011

      Earned Grand Quality (5 stars) (HKMC)



Committed to devote all our energy through work-life balance