• Jeonggwan Plant
    (46020) 2-9, Nonggong-gil, Jeonggwan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
  • Seochang Plant
    (50511) 50, Sojugongdan 3-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
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Process Chart


  1. 01

    Coil Warehousing (Unloading)

  2. 02

    Slitting Line

    A process to cut steel sheet in replacement specification (warehousing specification) according to original specification (purposes)

  3. 03-1

    Blanking Line

    A process to cut steel sheet which has been slit by the slitter in the preset form

  4. 03-2

    TWB Laser Welding Line

    A process to join two different materials, using laser beam; adopted new TWB technology which has overcome the limitation of conventional spot welding

  5. 03-3

    Roll Forming Line

    A process in which 12-20 rolls with same diameter are placed at a proper position and steel sheet is passed through them

  6. 04

    Press Line

    Mold with a shape of car component assembled between the press forming units which come up and down to produce products through plastic deformation

  7. 05-1

    Hot Stamping

    A process to manufacture advanced high-strength steel (1500MPa or higher) by press-forming and cooling boron steel which has been heated at 900ºC or higher temperature

  8. 05-2

    Assembly Line

    A process to assemble and weld panels which have been produced through forming lines

  9. 06

    Electro-Degradation Coating Line

    A process to coat the surface by supplying DC power to water-soluble electro-deposition paints by dividing the product and electro-deposition tank into the anode and cathode

  10. 07 Release