• Jeonggwan Plant
    (46020) 2-9, Nonggong-gil, Jeonggwan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
  • Seochang Plant
    (50511) 50, Sojugongdan 3-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
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GREEN TECHNOLOGY We build a world where people live together in harmony with technologies which let the nature breathe.
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Corporate Culture

We are not afraid of facing any obstacles ahead. We gather together to fight through such difficulties.


For businesses, the ultimate goal is to become a sustainable enterprise. We have given some thoughts what we need most to accomplish such goal. We have held hands tight and relied on each other to overcome adversities. Such win-win culture would be the ground for us to take a big step forward.

Even listening to the voices of the heart!


“Gathering people’s minds and making them move! That’s is what communication is all about!” We listen to the voices from the field and read employees’ minds. Communicating with sincerity! It is now the corporate tradition of SUNGWOO HITECH!

Interest and caring, starting with little things!


“Some things have always been around us, but they are hardly visible in normal times. When we take a closer look, they eventually begin to appear.” It starts with observing very little things. A little care and interest eventually bring great impression.

A novelty-seeking mindset, an attitude looking for betterment!


“What is the fastest way to observe the moon’s surface? The answer is to build a spacecraft, not just finding a high-performance telescope. We keep working hard to find a better way through conversion of thoughts. We prepare for the future with flexible and creative thinking.